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Plans for Diamond Mastermind

It Happens Fast

We were surprised at how fast our trip to Costa Rica for a MOBE Diamond Mastermind happened. I had just finished my last day at work and was still processing my exit from the position of employee to entrepreneur-at-last. It was my greatest desire to be in control of my days. No longer would I have to follow orders but instead, I would be learning from some of the greatest minds in the world of online marketing. My days were set before me for immersion in training so that I could finally begin placing ads.

So, we headed off to New Mexico to visit my son in the town of Deming. Now, New Mexico is known for lulling people into the most comfortable mindset that involves no more than resting about the town. It has an extremely calming effect on the “nerves.” We spent Christmas in Deming with my grand-kids and stayed for six days of great family time. The grand-kids were awesome and fun. It was not as sad to leave as at other times because I knew that with the change in j-o-b status, I would be free to come back anytime and stay as long as I choose. That is FREEDOM OF TIME, and its one of the perks of being an independent online marketer.

On Friday, 12/29/2017 I was told that a spot had just opened up for the January 2018 Diamond Mastermind. I consulted with my mentor and the rest is history! “It is always your next move” by Napoleon Hill. That perfectly sums up how every step has happened. My desire to take advantage of the opportunity depended upon my next move. With the help of Tim, my husband, we got the job done and had our tickets, our spot confirmed in Costa Rica and our passports appointment for Tuesday confirmed. When you take action be ready for events to happen at the speed of light. We had little things to do and with God’s help, we were able to get it all done and here I am tonight posting about it.

Neither of us has ever been further than Mexico so getting passports was quite the experience. We had to expedite our way through the process because we did not have time to take chances on them arriving in time. I have a new camera being delivered tomorrow because I have not had one in years and it would not do our trip justice to take cellphone pictures of such a beautiful place. Finding and sorting through the clothes for the trip is still ongoing especially since I am a boot wearing person and I see lots of pictures of people wearing sandals! I am not sure how its going to be but I sure do not want to be covered in bites so we invested in 4 bottles of bug spray and 2 boxes of bug towelettes. I’m thinking boots sound good to me!

Tonight is very restful as we begin some more preparations for our trip but I want you a little bit of what we are going to do once we get there. In MOBE, when you upgrade to the various Masterminds you also receive a trip with all inclusive events, food and drink. We will be enjoying top of the line accomodations in the Sunset Del Mar resort owned by MOBE. I appreciate that Matt Lloyd believes in taking care of business in a first class environment. I am not a camera lover so, the fact that I will be having videos made of me for my business do not thrill me but I have been assured that I will look and sound like a rock star. Not what I am into but I will be so happy to let them take the pains necessary to spruce me up for a video presentation of my new entrepreneurial skills for all to see … yaaay! You can learn so much more than I can tell you by clicking here and listening and watching for yourself.

I firmly believe you can have your HAPPY ENDING!


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See you soon!

Rebecca Conaway



Welcome Page, First Post

Wow! It’s finally here! This is my first new and legit post as an independent sales and marketing entrepreneur in the whole wide world. Not sure that is what the www stands for but … it sounds good!

Welcome to my world. I have been around a long time but not online like this ever before. I have built a few websites but they were plain and simple. This one is too  but I am going to liven it up as soon as possible but first I wanted to state that today, December 28, 2017 is my website launch date. I am officially beginning my posting days right now.

On August 1, 2018 I started with MOBE. I found MOBE online while looking for a way to begin making money online. I have been familiar with affiliate marketing but when I learned how MOBE does it, I could not get on board fast enough. I have seen and heard so many get rich quick schemes that I could fill a book with all their links alone. No, MOBE is not like that. Unfortunately, lots of people prefer to see some action first before they will take action and I sure get that.

Before I go too far, one thing I have learned is that if you cannot build a beautiful website yourself, then get someone to do it for you. I am working at that by looking on fiverr.com to see what they have available. I already got my beautiful logo from a guy there and I love it.

Ok more tomorrow!