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Rebecca Conaway

Diamond Consultant

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This is where I tire you out with all the tales of my 21 grandkids or non-stop babble about my motorcycle escapades around the country, but I will spare you all that and just share the bare essentials so that you can get started with your happy ending. I was in the corporate world as an outside sales rep for temporary personnel agencies and although I liked what I did, it was still short on the financial end and from there I entered a completely different world because … well, just because I could. For the last 18 years I have been a truck driver with 17 of those years being a card-carrying union member of the Hollywood Teamsters Local 399. I transported anyone who was working on the production for which I was hired and that changed daily so, while there was lots of variety there was also lots of uncertainty because as a day player I never knew when I would be called for work. While searching online for an affiliate marketing gig, I discovered MOBE and within days, it became my obsession. Literally, it took over my every thought. I signed up as fast as I could from the 21 Step System and later I completed my upgrades to Diamond Consultant. I left the entertainment world to devote my energies full time to the wonderful world of high ticket affiliate marketing with the awesome freedom to share, teach and enable others who also see this as their happy ending. It’s mine and I am so excited to help even just one person or multitudes learn this business because I know that they will reap such rewarding financial, time and location freedoms for their happy ending.

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