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Wow! It’s finally here! This is my first new and legit post as an independent sales and marketing entrepreneur in the whole wide world. Not sure that is what the www stands for but … it sounds good!

Welcome to my world. I have been around a long time but not online like this ever before. I have built a few websites but they were plain and simple. This one is too  but I am going to liven it up as soon as possible but first I wanted to state that today, December 28, 2017 is my website launch date. I am officially beginning my posting days right now.

On August 1, 2018 I started with MOBE. I found MOBE online while looking for a way to begin making money online. I have been familiar with affiliate marketing but when I learned how MOBE does it, I could not get on board fast enough. I have seen and heard so many get rich quick schemes that I could fill a book with all their links alone. No, MOBE is not like that. Unfortunately, lots of people prefer to see some action first before they will take action and I sure get that.

Before I go too far, one thing I have learned is that if you cannot build a beautiful website yourself, then get someone to do it for you. I am working at that by looking on fiverr.com to see what they have available. I already got my beautiful logo from a guy there and I love it.

Ok more tomorrow!

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