Who is I Am … ?

Who is I Am Rebecca Conaway?

Hello, my name is Rebecca Conaway.  Today is December 21, 2017. It is the last day of my career as a Hollywood Teamster. For 18 years I have been a Big Rig driver and 17 of those years were in Hollywood Local 399 as a Studio Driver. I am very excited and scared at the same time because I am taking a calculated risk on a new career as a High Ticket Affiliate Marketer and Entrepreneur in Online Sales and Marketing.

It was about 2004 that I discovered something called affiliate marketing. I loved the idea of being paid for helping someone find what they were looking for. Helping someone find their “Solution” proved to be the activity I enjoyed more than anything else. Getting paid for it was amazing. After reality set in, and by that I am referring to all the scams and hustles online, I became very wary of offers. This led me to slow down and learn more than act. I did not mind. I had a good gig going in the studio industry and it was good for me. I learned a lot of what I did and did not like to do for income.

Then I heard about a guy and a company and I felt that tingle in my brain. I experienced a birth of desire to be part of this company. Nothing and no one would interfere with this desire. I could feel it in my bones that this was my life. It really resonated with me. In 1987 when I first saw someone apply film to an automobile window and the result was beautiful, I knew I had to do that. It really resonated with me and I knew I could never be happy until I was the one doing it. So, to this day, I am the best window tinter I can be. I still do it.

From this day forward, I will NOW be the best online sales and marketing of high ticket affiliate marketing I can be. I am enthralled with all the new things I must learn and then implement. Each new task is a joy to experience. My mind is expanding at an enormous speed. Since I first became a MOBE Consultant, I have struggled to find the time to work my new business. Through the upgrade levels in the company and through the setbacks learning how to do the tasks, I persevered. I was not discouraged. I was frustrated but never even thought of quitting.

So, now that the last day of the show I am working on is finally here, I will be devoting my time to sharing with my readers the journey that I will finally be seeing come to fruition! I am so excited I cannot be contained!

I am a Diamond Consultant with MOBE. I believe I have found the perfect affiliate marketing system for everyone who wants to be a success. It is so organized that even a truly procrastinating disorganized human would have no trouble getting it done!

It’s not like I have some special skill or anything like that. I have moved my world in the greatest shake, rattle and roll imaginable, so hang on for the ride. I may not be able to interest you in every post I will be hanging out, but you sure will love what you find if it scratches your itch. I am so shy about sharing things with family and friends that I do not tell them anything. So, if you are reading this, you are on the inside track to happiness, wealth and freedom of time and space that even my blood relatives do not know about.

I live in Southern California with my husband and eleven cats and one dog. I’m a grandmother to 21 children and will soon be a great-grandmother by 2018 to two more. I have 5 grown children who are all well on their way to making their own mark in the world.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and please feel free to question or comment about anything that moves you. Only, please keep profanity clean and do not rip anyone.

Welcome to my blog !